Bryston CD Player BOT-1

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  • BT001
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Technik für Generationen – echte, solide Qualität – top P/L-Verhältnis – 20 Jahre Garantie
BRYSTON steht seit vielen Jahrzehnten für perfekte Klangqualität, Langlebigkeit (20 Jahre... mehr
Bryston CD Player BOT-1

BRYSTON steht seit vielen Jahrzehnten für perfekte Klangqualität, Langlebigkeit (20 Jahre Garantie!) und ein hervorragendes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis.

Bryston’s BDP digital music players let you enjoy all the benefits of a digital audio library without the frustration of a computer. Until now, you still needed a computer to rip CDs - a frustrating endeavour for many. With the introduction of our new BOT-1, you can banish computers from your listening room for good. Take full control over ripping parameters and meta-data using our Manic Moose web interface on your tablet or smartphone, or let the BDP do it automatically and rip with a single button press on the front panel of the BDP. CD playback buffers a few seconds of CD audio in the system memory correcting timing errors common to all traditional CD players making CD playback sound better than ever.

The BOT-1 is not a traditional CD transport as it requires a BDP to operate. With the world’s largest lossless digital audio library still contained in CDs it’s easy to understand why the addition of CD ripping, playback, and burning to your BDP grants you access to the most music available. At only 5.7” wide, yet sharing aesthetic build quality with other C-Series units, the BOT-1 fits nicely into your rack along side your BDP.


  • Rip, play, and burn CD's directly with a USB connected BDP-2 player
  • Compatible with all versions of BDP-1, BDP-1USB and BDP-2
  • Fully managed through the Manic Moose web-based graphical user interface
  • Brushed aluminum faceplate
  • Options:
  • Available with silver or black faceplate
  • BPS-3 multi-device power supply
  • ncluded:
  • DC Power Supply
  • USB Cable (Type A to Type Mini-B)
  • Manual
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