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Class A amplifier products make audiophiles sit up and listen. Our leading home entertainment... mehr
Convert Plato Class A / A+

Class A amplifier products make audiophiles sit up and listen. Our leading home entertainment system is true to form, and achieves the impossible by featuring a Class A amplifier in an all-in-one box – no other product achieves this. We have carefully engineered cooling systems to enable our hot box to run coolly.

With all of the usual benefits from our Plato software such as streaming, high resolution downloads, internet radio management, completely customisable media controls and much more, you’re in for a treat. The Plato Class A is the audiophile’s choice of home entertainment system.

Along with the ability to rip vinyl, the Plato Class A can also rip CDs. This means your huge catalogue of music sitting at home gathering dust can be digitised easily, and enjoyed regularly once more with zero hassle. All Plato Class A purchases now include an LG Ultra Portable DVD-RW, and well as a Kindle Fire for remote control simplicity.


An alternative ‘pro’ version of the Class A is available, designed to ensure that loudspeakers and other hifi equipment achieves the most faithful pairing possible for audio rendering.

  • + Pre-Amp Enhancements: A better signal to noise ratio noticeable at the speakers, whilst also providing an improved dynamic range and general sound.
  • + Amplifier Enhancements: Providing a ‘solid’ bass and a ‘sweeter’ treble, we’ve improved the performance of the amplifier by DC coupling the pre and power amplifiers.
  • + Intermodulation Distortion Reduction: By upgrading the design of the system, we have reduced the distortion present in the system caused by separate module collaboration.
  • + Increased Storage: The Class A+ can have up to 4TB of internal storage.


  • 1 x MM/MC phono input
  • 3 x line analogue input
  • 1 x coax digital input
  • 3x optical digital inputs
  • 1 x analogue pre-amp output
  • 2xoptical digital output
  • 2x speaker output via‘Banana Plug’(4mmpins)

HDD/Festplatte: 2TB/4TB

DIMENSION: 370x301x130mm(WxDxH)

WEIGHT: 15kg


  • SUPPORTED VIDEO FORMATS:H263,H264(BP/MP/HP)/MPEG-4,SP/ASP,MPEG2,VP8,MJPEG,Xvid.VideoplaybackuptoHD1080p,HighDenion,30fps
  • POWER SOURCE:220V–240V 50Hz/60Hz
  • POWER CONSUMPTION:Idle <9W,Full Power 2-CH 8Ω <200W
  • OPTICAL INPUT:TOSLINK x2,up to 192kHz sample rateTOSLINK x1,up to 96kHz sample rate
  • SPDIF INPUT: Transformer Isolated x1,up to 192k SR
  • OPTICAL OUTPUTS: TOSLINK x2, up to 192kHz sample rate
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